Wash and care for the mattress cover

The mattress itself is not washable. The cover, however, already. Here you can do a lot wrong if you do not buy the right mattress cover. Therefore, pay attention to the following important criteria for a mattress cover:

  • Mattress must be easily removable; Pay attention to a 4-sided zipper that makes your job easier. Optimal are individually removable cover sheets.
  • The mattress should be washable at least 60 degrees.
  • Do not shake it when removing it from the mattress, with dander or hair falling on the exposed mattress, this should just be protected.
  • In order not to overstrain the material, a full linen mattress cover is sufficient once a year – preferably in summer, so that it can dry during the day.
  • Exception: Allergy sufferers can wash the mattress cover more often (about 3-4 times a year).
  • Tip for drying: Avoid using a dryer. It is best to stretch the cover with the corners over chairs so that it stays in shape.

Mattress cleaning with the teat: What’s in it?

Again and again, special vacuum cleaners are offered, which advertise with the promise to remove the mites and their legacies from your bed completely. But that does not work and you unnecessarily spend money on such a device!

First of all, it is perfectly normal to find dust mites in every bed. Unless you live in the high mountains – the air at altitudes from about 1700 m gets the mite not so good. Good view + no mites = good idea? Incidentally, we also deliver there!

If you go over the mattress with a mite sucker, you will achieve two results:

They just remove the mites and their feces (and that makes the allergy sufferers) that are near the surface. It is quite logical that you cannot suck out mites deep inside the mattress core.

The arachnids get into turmoil: If a part of their population is removed, it spurs the more to propagate.

By the way: If there was a breakfast in bed because your mattress is just so comfortable, then the crumbs can, of course, be removed with a commercial vacuum cleaner. The same applies if the dog or cat has chosen the mattress for sleeping.

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