Waterlily mattress:

What is waterlily?

Waterlily belongs to the type of cold foam. Therefore, it is foamed and hardens without the supply of heat. The name was coined by its natural foaming process with water instead of conventional CFCs or carbon dioxide. In addition to water, soy and natural oils are often used in the production. Thus, with the increase of other natural substances, the process remains pollutant-free and biologically neutral. In addition, Waterlily cold foam scores point with its recyclability: You can simply dispose of an old Waterlily mattress and return it to the recycling loop.

What benefits have waterlily mattresses?

The cold foam of Waterlily mattresses is foamed water-based and is therefore particularly breathable and elastic. Anyone lying on Waterlily cold foam experiences pleasant pressure relief, which benefits the spine, joints, and muscles. The cell structure is also extremely breathable, so that penetrating moisture can dry quickly. Waterlily mattresses from Hn8 usually have 7 ergonomic lying areas and are equipped with easy-care covers. They are also very dimensionally stable. While other mattresses easily form unhealthy recumbent recesses after a while, a Waterlily core mattress maintains the ergonomic support effect with health-promoting effect during sleep for years without compromise.

For who are waterlily mattresses suited?

Due to the high breathability of Waterlily core and cover, a pleasant sleeping climate is ensured. A dry and at the same time a fresh sleeping environment as well as a constant temperature through climate-regulating covers benefit allergy sufferers. Dust mites do not find the desired climatic conditions here and can be difficult to nest and spread. The optimal sleeping climate on a Waterlily mattress also helps with other allergies. Unhealthy and unhygienic sweating during sleep is avoided by using climate fiber, climate control, and other special equipment. Get the bestmattress-brand here.

Due to their high adaptability, Waterlily mattresses are suitable for people who want an adjustable slatted frame for body uplifting. Hn8 cold foam mattresses with Waterlily core can help with back pain or disc problems. The ergonomic support supports the correct position of the spine while lying down.